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As a retailer, you invest tremendous resources in uncovering the needs of the marketplace. Closing gaps in both initial and in-fill store deployment strategies. Understanding the preferences of your customers, macro and micro factors affecting retail growth and changes in marketplaces. The outcome of your efforts are unique identities that speak to your clients, locations that make you accessible and products that make peoples lives better. These are some of the factors guiding retailer’s national and regional store expansion strategies.

Signature Development Group has set out to do the same thing. But for you.

Over the past 20 years, the retail industry has become not only competitive but also extremely cost sensitive, so that your efforts must remain focused on getting on, and staying on, the proverbial shopping list. Signature understands that real estate practices in our industry must be equally competitive and offers services that distinguish your store development goals and strategies from all the rest.

Unlike traditional retail development companies, Signature offers sophisticated and diversified real estate services to support you and your real estate operations.

An established retailer reevaluates their current real estate program to benefit from industry changes and opportunities to by leveraging existing in-house services coupled with cutting edge strategic development partners. An emerging brand outsources development activities to ensure success and profitability. An organization with an aggressive roll-out program strives to not just identify quality sites but also to open stores timely and cost effectively. With so many unique retailers in the marketplace, how could their needs be the same?




Managing Member Gregory L. Hopkins has represented national developers and retailers over the past 20 years as an in-house corporate real estate executive, outsourced partner and as a preferred developer, and believes that as retailers grow and evolve, so must their consultants, developers and real estate practices. His client-focused and market-driven approach brought him success with retail organizations ranging from Rite-Aid, Advance Auto, T-Mobile, Hollywood Video, Texas Roadhouse and Sherwin-Williams. Today, he and Signature Development Group provide retailers industry expertise via generation of demographic data, automated mapping & reporting, research-market planning, site-selection, transactional, construction management and development services. Hopkins graduated from Hobart and William Smith Colleges, BA, and Case Western Reserve University, JD.